Ruby Jane Boutique comes to Denver’s Highlands Square

The long wait is finally over! Ruby Jane Boutique has come down from the mountains to set roots in Denver’s Highlands Square. Located at 32nd & Lowell Ave., Ruby Jane, Denver is the newest addition to the Valley Girl Boutique Family of 5 highly successful shops in Breckenridge, Avon and Edwards, Colorado. For years, clients shopping these unique mountain boutiques have urged for a Front Range location and now those wishes have been granted.

The rapid and dramatic transformation of this beautiful new space was nothing short of miraculous. Square Root, Inc., a local construction company which works magic in both commercial and residential projects, was able to guide the way through permitting, demo, build-out and inspections to a grand opening in just 5 weeks! Opening the weekend after Thanksgiving, Ruby Jane has experienced the warmest of welcomes from loads of happy and satisfied new clients.

The buzz is contagious, come visit Ruby Jane and see what the hype is all about. Featuring fun affordable fashion, home decor and unique gifts, Ruby Jane is a super compliment to the likes of The Perfect Petal, Vert Beauty, Novo Coffee and Prost, making Highlands Square the place to shop, not only in northwest Denver but the Front Range. New inventory arrives frequently so shop often!.

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Ruby Jane Build DD 024 Ruby Jane Valentines

Novo Coffee….Denver roasters doing coffee right.

Novo Coffee has recently opened a fantastic new cafe in the hustle of downtown Denver. Located at 1600 Glenarm, across from the historic Paramount Theater between the 16th Street Mall and Denver Pavilions, this new location brings style and service together with the World’s best coffees. The father & son team of Herb & Jake Brodsky believe that the  path of the bean, from the plant to your cup, is very important to Novo Coffee and each step is carefully chosen.

We believe that it’s important to value the people who grow and harvest coffee cherries, the cultures that exist where coffees are cultivated and the economic relationships that are formed with every coffee purchase.” -Novo Coffee

Novo Coffee roasts the many offerings at their state-of-the-art facility in Denver’s Rhino District on Larimer Street. Roasting occur at the beginning of the work week with tastings scheduled on Fridays. To arrange a visit to the facility call: 303-295-7678.

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