Mountain Sun Pub celebrates 23 years of a “Funky Good Time!”

Each spring The Mountain Sun Pub hosts an event of epic proportions. This past Saturday was fantastic as the historic Boulder Theater welcomed the 23rd year of this “Funky Good Time”. The evening’s entertainment opened to a packed house featuring an entertaining and energized set from Euforquestra and closed in a raucous frenzy following two sets from “The Pearl Street All-Stars”.

This year’s “All-Stars” were just that and included George Porter Jr., Kyle Hollingsworth, Jennifer Hartswick, Eddie Roberts, Isaac Teel & Jans Ingber. The music was unbelievable from start to finish making this 2016 version one to remember.

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Yonder Mountain String Band plays a packed house at Under the Sun.

Like two peas in a pod, Yonder Mountain String Band and Under the Sun Eatery & Taphouse teamed up to do things their way. A free show in preparation for the band’s show at venerable Red Rocks Amphitheater was held Thursday night to a packed house and parking lot. The evening literally pushed Under the Sun’s versatile seating possibilities…. Pushed everything out of the way to make room for the hordes of standing-room-only fans. The crowd could not get enough of the band’s progressive bluegrass sound, which led to an “encore set” in the ¬†UTS parking lot.

Working in such tight quarters, the band moved like a well oiled machine that comes only with years of experience playing together. Each musician slithered their way to the mic to add their sounds to the mesmerizing mix. Smiles were everywhere and if the “rehearsal” was any indication, tonight’s show at Red Rocks will rock!

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Let the games begin…..Brewer’s Olympics draw a big crowd to Vine Street Pub’s block party

Mountain Sun Breweries and the Vine Street Pub hosted the second annual Brewer’s Olympics on a blocked-off and very packed Vine Street last weekend in Denver. Contestants from many of Denver’s best craft breweries came out to face-off and compete in a pentathlon of events only someone who enjoys a lot of craft beer could conceive. The events were very hotly contested and the swelling crowed cheered for, well, everything. In the end everyone was a winner and the prize was a rocking concert by Scott Law & Friends, featuring Keith Moseley of String Cheese Incident, Liza Oxnard of Zuba, Tyler Grant, Chris Misner and Eric Moon. All proceeds from the event went to benefit New Era Colorado. What a day in Denver.