Dancers Galore…..Highlands Dance Studio hosts a wonderful recital.

This post has been a long time in coming but the story and images could not be ignored. The Highlands Dance Studio, located on Northwest Denver’s Tennyson Street, held an unbelievable recital for all of the hard working dancers. Hip-hop, ballet, tap & jazz and dancers of all ages put on a wonderful show at the historic Oriental Theater.

The dancers, many of who participate in multiple classes, mastered choreography and held nerves in check to wow the throngs of proud parents in attendance. Spring classes are well underway at the Highlands Dance Studio and the next recital is just around the corner. Bravo to all involved.

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Leap Dance Studio…..a seriously good time.

Leap Dance Studio is a wonderful place for children to discover the joys of dance. Elizabeth Ellis and her team of dedicated instructors have created fantastic opportunities for children to experience ballet, tap, hip-hop and creative movement in many locations around Denver.

The images here highlight Ballet I and represent the beginning of a series that will eventually cover all of the classes that Leap offers. This class is made up of 5 and 6 year old young ladies, eager to begin their lives as ballerinas. The energy outside of the studio, as the ladies await their invitation to enter, is fantastic. There is lots of bouncing, twirling and excitement that seems to materialize as soon as the magic shoes don precious feet. The students are very serious about their lessons as soon they will perform a season ending recital. A fitting culmination to lots of hard work and fun.