2012 Mile High Horror Film Festival…..third year’s the charm.

The Mile High Horror Film Festival provides Denver horror fans even more reason to love October. In its third year the festival has proven that it is here to stay. Great films, terrifying stars, writers, directors and huge crowds made this three day event a monster success. The films were short, long, troubling and wonderful. The guest list for this year’s event was extremely deep and well known to horror aficionados.

Colorado’s own Jonathan Tiersten┬ácharmed the crowd, a Monster Panel featuring Eileen Dietz, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley kept the audience on the edge of their seats, Corey Feldman entertained a packed house and Jeffrey Riddick, Dan Myrcik and Brian McCulley spoke to fans about trends in the horror genre.

MHHFF Executive Director Tim Schultz and Programming Director Theresa Likarish and sponsors including Fearnet, The Onion, 13th Floor Haunted House and lots more provided attendees with an event that rivals the best of what horror fans demand.