GenFit & PawsCo workouts have gone to the dogs!

Some days it takes more than just a walk around the block, sniffing everything. Some days it is not enough to chase a ball. Some days you need someone to do more than just take you to the park. Some days you need to get your heart racing, muscles burning and and gasp for air with your best friend!

On a recent evening in Denver’s RINO District, a group of diehard fitness buffs and their four-legged friends joined up with the trainers from GenFit Gym to get their work-out on! Both human and canine participants pushed themselves to their limits to reach their fitness goals. As expected there were sprints, wall-sits, burpees, planks and the occasional nips and barks. In the end there were big smiles and a lot of panting. This workout had it all including an opportunity to meet some adoptable dogs from PawsCo.

A great opportunity to get out and play.

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Sixty Minute Men are going to “rock their socks” right out of Colorado.

Colorado seems to be a hotbed for the eclectic, creative and courageous. The music scene here is no different. With bands all the way back to Glenn Miller; to Big Head Todd & the Monsters, The Samples, Leftover Salmon, The Lumineers, The Fray, Zuba….the list is long. Next up is a five-piece group out of Boulder that is as exciting as they are skilled. Sixty Minute Men are a refreshing, rocking group of musicians that are poised to make the big time.

Recently playing at the annual Vine Street Pub’s Uptown Neighborhood Block Party, The Sixty Minute Men took the enormous crowd by storm and the reception was a collective “Wow!”. These guys bring a fresh and exhilarating sound to the stage that is complimented by an energy that is contagious. The sound they call “Original Soul” is a delicious mix of rock, funk, blues and, of course, soul and challenges each and every listener not to move.

Great things are in store for the Sixty Minute Men. The ingredients are all there for them to be the next big thing to come from the Colorado music scene. Go and check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Sixty Minute Men DD 001 Sixty Minute Men DD 002 Sixty Minute Men DD 003 Sixty Minute Men DD 004 Sixty Minute Men DD 005 Sixty Minute Men DD 006 Sixty Minute Men DD 007 Sixty Minute Men DD 009 Sixty Minute Men DD 010 Sixty Minute Men DD 011 Sixty Minute Men DD 012 Sixty Minute Men DD 013 Sixty Minute Men DD 014 Sixty Minute Men DD 015 Sixty Minute Men DD 016 Sixty Minute Men DD 017Vine Street Block Party 2015 WEB-522

Sixty Minute Men DD 018 Sixty Minute Men DD 019 Sixty Minute Men DD 020 Sixty Minute Men DD 022 Sixty Minute Men DD 024 Sixty Minute Men DD 026 Sixty Minute Men DD 027

Brewer’s Olympics & great music…Vine Street Block Party has it all!

Mid-September is a fantastic time to be in Denver, Colorado. Beautiful days, blue sky and loads of festivals all mark this remarkable change of seasons. One annual event that combines all that is great in Denver is the Uptown Neighborhood Block Party at Vine Street Pub. This Denver location of Boulder’s Mountain Sun empire brings together some of the best craft-beer makers and musicians to create an entire day of mayhem and music that is hard to beat.

The 2015 edition of festivities began with the “Brewer’s Olympics”, a multi-event challenge for teams of two from well-known local breweries. There were, of course, the die-hard regulars, returning champions and eager rookies all prepared to do battle for the coveted bragging rights that go to the victors. Just beneath the thinly veiled guise of silly costumes and sillier behaviors laid an aura of dogged competition that hung in the fresh air like a ominous fog. Each team had a plan. So were successful, some not so much. In the end it was the rookie team from Ratio Beerworks that won gold and bragging rights until the fall of 2016.

Once the street was cleared and congratulations were given, the record-breaking crowd was treated to music so good, it defined awesome. The Sixty Minute Men of Boulder opened and wowed with their unique and funky sounds of “original soul”. Their music was electric and energy amazing. The “Men” were followed by a closing act that rivaled any the Mountain Sun crew has been able to put together. Anchored by The Drunken Hearts, the ensemble welcomed Dave Johnston from Yonder Mountain String Band and Rob Eaton from Dark Star Orchestra. The results were amazing and the streets were shaking.

Once  again, The Neighborhood Block Party was a monumental success and reminds us that things are good in Denver. Sponsors USBank, Westword deserve a big hand for their support, as well as the volunteers and all of the participating breweries that donated their fine craft. All proceeds from the event benefitted New Era Colorado who remind us not only to register to vote but to get out and do it!

Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 001 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 002 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 003 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 004 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 005 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 006 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 007 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 008 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 009 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 010 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 011 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 012 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 013 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 014 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 015 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 016 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 017 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 018 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 019 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 020 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 021 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 022 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 023 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 024 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 025 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 026 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 027 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 028 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 029 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 030 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 031 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 032 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 033 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 034 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 035 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 036 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 037 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 038 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 039 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 040 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 041 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 042 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 043 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 044 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 045 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 046 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 047 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 048 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 049 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 050 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 051 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 052 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 053 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 054 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 055 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 056 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 057 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 058 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 059 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 060 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 061

Alamo Drafthouse brings out a crowd at Sloan’s Lake.

The Alamo Drafthouse, Denver gave a glimpse of the fun that is to come, to young and old, at Denver’s Sloan’s Lake. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure on a giant inflatable screen was the featured presentation on a beautifully warm Saturday evening. With anticipation of a new Drafthouse theater in the Colfax redevelopment, local families came out to experience the magic that Alamo creates. A photo-booth, face-painting, swag from local vendors and of course brats, dogs and beer were highlights for all.

Pre-show entertainment was provided by the Rock-A-Billy sounds of Jonny Barber and a Rhythm Razor. Jitter-bugging to songs of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, The Everly Brothers and his trademark Elvis, dancing was a hit and culminated with a Pee-wee tribute “Dance-off” to Tequila. As darkness fell, the audience settled in for the fun and ridiculousness that the “Big Adventure” provides.

Proceeds from the event benefitted Girls Inc., which provides girls of Denver, the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and solutions to the challenges they face.

Alamo PeeWee DD 001 Alamo PeeWee DD 002 Alamo PeeWee DD 003 Alamo PeeWee DD 004 Alamo PeeWee DD 005 Alamo PeeWee DD 006 Alamo PeeWee DD 007 Alamo PeeWee DD 008

Alamo PeeWee DD 009 Alamo PeeWee DD 010 Alamo PeeWee DD 011 Alamo PeeWee DD 012 Alamo PeeWee DD 013 Alamo PeeWee DD 014

Alamo PeeWee WMs-10

Alamo PeeWee DD 015 Alamo PeeWee DD 016 Alamo PeeWee DD 017 Alamo PeeWee DD 018 Alamo PeeWee DD 019 Alamo PeeWee DD 020 Alamo PeeWee DD 021 Alamo PeeWee DD 022 Alamo PeeWee DD 023

Yonder Mountain String Band plays a packed house at Under the Sun.

Like two peas in a pod, Yonder Mountain String Band and Under the Sun Eatery & Taphouse teamed up to do things their way. A free show in preparation for the band’s show at venerable Red Rocks Amphitheater was held Thursday night to a packed house and parking lot. The evening literally pushed Under the Sun’s versatile seating possibilities…. Pushed everything out of the way to make room for the hordes of standing-room-only fans. The crowd could not get enough of the band’s progressive bluegrass sound, which led to an “encore set” in the  UTS parking lot.

Working in such tight quarters, the band moved like a well oiled machine that comes only with years of experience playing together. Each musician slithered their way to the mic to add their sounds to the mesmerizing mix. Smiles were everywhere and if the “rehearsal” was any indication, tonight’s show at Red Rocks will rock!

UTS Yonder DD 001 UTS Yonder DD 002 UTS Yonder DD 003 UTS Yonder DD 004 UTS Yonder DD 005 UTS Yonder DD 006 UTS Yonder DD 007 UTS Yonder DD 008 UTS Yonder DD 009 UTS Yonder DD 010 UTS Yonder DD 011 UTS Yonder DD 012 UTS Yonder DD 013 UTS Yonder DD 014 UTS Yonder DD 015 UTS Yonder DD 016 UTS Yonder DD 017 UTS Yonder DD 018 UTS Yonder DD 019 UTS Yonder DD 020 UTS Yonder DD 021 UTS Yonder DD 022 UTS Yonder DD 023 UTS Yonder DD 024 UTS Yonder DD 025 UTS Yonder DD 026 UTS Yonder DD 027


Operation Altitude creates a magical evening in Denver’s Union Station

Denver’s historic and newly-renovated Union Station served as a wonderful venue for a recent evening of culinary genius. The experience began with a cocktail on the upper terrace of the beautiful Terminal Bar followed by a comprehensive, private tour of the facility. Guests were then ushered to the Gallery Level for a very unique dining experience provided by Denver’s own Epicurean Group. This amazing experience, with every nuance thoughtfully considered and addressed, was orchestrated by Angie Vossler and Operation Altitude.

The set-up was immaculately, prepared by designer Jessica Stapp and her crew, with a warm and rustic, mountain, pure-Colorado feel. The dining experience, a Chef’s Dinner, in which each course was creatively finished by Epicurean’s “Innovation Chef” Jenna Johansen and her team in front of eagerly awaiting diners. At the introduction of each plated course, Chef Jenna described the offering with explanation of process that complimented her delicious creations.

The evening was very impressive, from setting to decor, presentation to every delectable dish and left the crowd in awe. Bravo Angie, Operation Altitude, Jenna, Jessica, Epicurean and Union Station for an evening these lucky few will not soon forget.

DD Epicurian 001 DD Epicurian 002 DD Epicurian 003 DD Epicurian 004 DD Epicurian 005 DD Epicurian 006 DD Epicurian 007 DD Epicurian 008 DD Epicurian 009 DD Epicurian 010 DD Epicurian 011 DD Epicurian 012 DD Epicurian 013 DD Epicurian 014 DD Epicurian 015 DD Epicurian 016 DD Epicurian 017 DD Epicurian 018 DD Epicurian 019 DD Epicurian 020 DD Epicurian 021 DD Epicurian 022 DD Epicurian 023 DD Epicurian 024 DD Epicurian 025 DD Epicurian 026

Bryce Widom and his masterpieces in chalk.

I was introduced to a sampling of the beautiful works of Bryce Widom, while photographing the different locations of Mountain Sun Pubs & Breweries. Upon first glance of the murals there is a sense of something intriguing and special about the works. A closer look reveals color and detail that is quite extraordinary. When the realization is made that the images are created by an extremely steady hand, employing vivid colors of chalk, it is evident that the creator is a true artist.

The works are so very unique and more often than not, temporary; to be wiped clean and replaced with a new equally beautiful and creative offering. It has been an honor to be able to capture these wonderful murals, while they exist, and preserve them in a sense.

Next time you visit one of the Mountain Sun Pubs be sure to take a moment to appreciate the talent of the artist Bryce Widom.

DD Bryce 001 DD Bryce 002 DD Bryce 003 DD Bryce 004 DD Bryce 005 DD Bryce 006 DD Bryce 007 DD Bryce 008 DD Bryce 009 DD Bryce 010 DD Bryce 011 DD Bryce 012


Avid4 Adventure is the place for summer camp fun!

Avid4 Adventure is growing fast and continues to provide kids in both the Colorado Front Range & now Northern California opportunities to get outside, experience, learn to be safe and have a ball!  With a crew of instructors who are caring, attentive, well trained and fun, Avid gives parents a great option to send their young adventurers for summer camps. More locations, more offering means more lids learning the skills to enjoy the outdoors!

The philosophy is simple: Create programming where parents feel comfortable, kids have a blast and instructors are proud team members. Avid 4 has done just that and it is obviously working. From the moment at drop off, when met with smiles by each attentive staff-member, to the car ride home, listening to the stories, riddles and experiences of your truly “happy camper” Avid 4 Adventure is great.

The 2015 season is winding down but stay tuned. Summer 2016 camps fill up quickly. Also, check out the Avid gear sales, happening this fall, where some super deals on lightly used equipment can be had.

Wash Park Survival Skills:
DD Avid4 2015 01DD Avid4 2015 02DD Avid4 2015 03DD Avid4 2015 04DD Avid4 2015 05

DD Avid4 2015 06Boulder Creek Kayak and Whitewater SUP:

DD Avid4 2015 07DD Avid4 2015 08DD Avid4 2015 10DD Avid4 2015 11DD Avid4 2015 09DD Avid4 2015 12DD Avid4 2015 13DD Avid4 2015 14DD Avid4 2015 15DD Avid4 2015 16DD Avid4 2015 17DD Avid4 2015 18DD Avid4 2015 19DD Avid4 2015 20DD Avid4 2015 21DD Avid4 2015 22

Stapleton Explorers, Biking, Canoeing & SUP:

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Progressive Martial Arts, mixing the old and the new with great success!

Progressive Martial Arts or PMA is a Denver establishment in the martial arts world. Established in 1985 to teach a fantastic blend of traditional methods in a contemporary environment, PMA has something for the young and the old. PMA creates a fun, healthy yet disciplined philosophy in all that they offer.

At almost any time on any given day, the facility is a buzzing hive of dedicated practitioners, preparing for or completing age-appropriate classes or working on individual skills. The rules are simple: work hard, show respect for the study and others, protect your opponent at all times and of course, have fun. With participants ranging in age and ability from 2 1/2 to 82 years old, it is testament to the fact that the dedicated study of martial arts and the PMA methodology is for anyone who is willing to put in the work.

The guiding principles of PMA are summed up well by founder, Mr. Stewart Lauper, in describing the goals for the youngest participants:

“We’re not trying to make them ‘Kings of the Ring,’ just excellent humans. And skill in martial arts increases that chance exponentially.”

On a personal note: We have exposed our 8-year-old daughter to the entire gamut of childhood activities and classes with mixed results. Almost immediately upon our start with PMA it became evident that we had found a winner. Our daughter showed an intrinsic dedication to not only participating in the classes and exercises but also the principles of training and positive lessons followed in the practices at Progressive Martial Arts.


EdFest 2015 working hard to keep Edison Elementary great!

EdFest is the biggest and baddest fundraiser held to benefit the students of Edison Elementary School in Northwest Denver. The focus for this year’s funds will go towards PTA-funded projects and programs, with a special appeal for raising money for musical instruments. The crowd was huge and very willing to support our local elementary school.

EdFest 2015 was held at one of Northwest Denver’s finest watering-holes, Local 46. The back-yard beer garden was the perfect spot for a Cajun Crawfish Boil and “Corn-hole” tournament. Inside attendees had loads of goodies and opportunities to bid on in a silent auction. The “Step-and-Repeat” drew lots of camera-shy models hamming it up as the evening progressed. The final event of the Fest was a live auction led by PTA President and DPS School Board candidate Michael Kiley II.

A special thanks goes out to the gracious sponsors of the event: Local 46, Speaks Orthodontics, Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Tennyson Pediatric DentistrySnarf’sPaneraSushi HaiNY Pizza Pub, Orthodontics in the Highlands and more….

And of course, thanks to the event organizers who do such a good job of making giving money fun!

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