Six courses & craft beers…..Vine Street Pub hosts a Brewer’s Dinner with style.

A number of very fortunate diners were treated to an unbelievable evening of fine food, craft beer and great company. Vine Street Pub hosted a Brewer’s Dinner which featured a six course menu, each presentation paired with a special release brew. The event served to kick off the Great American Beer Fest and provide a unique opportunity to sample savory cuisine.

The feat of creating this extravagant fare was nothing short of amazing. Chef Brendon Flood led his culinary crew with military precision and head-brewer John Fiorilli served up a grand collection of libation to the craft gods. The event was held in Harry’s, an eclectic space perfect for private parties.

To book a private event in Harry’s, please contact Paul Nashak.

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An amazing young woman…..Edge Restaurant at Four Seasons, Denver hosts a Fundraiser for Karina.

Four Seasons, Denver and Edge Restaurant recently hosted a fundraiser, sponsored by Reyka Vodka, to benefit a young Aurora woman. Karina Vargas was the victim of a drive-by-shooting outside of Aurora High School, as she stood with a group of friends. The gunshot left Karina paralyzed from the waist down and dependent on a wheelchair. The fundraiser, organized by Denver Center for Crime Victims, is intended to help cover costs not only associated with Karina’s immediate care but also to ensure a more comfortable future.

Karina truly is an amazing young woman and has embraced the turn life threw at her with strength and vigor. It was an honor to be part of this amazing event.

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Novo Coffee….Denver roasters doing coffee right.

Novo Coffee has recently opened a fantastic new cafe in the hustle of downtown Denver. Located at 1600 Glenarm, across from the historic Paramount Theater between the 16th Street Mall and Denver Pavilions, this new location brings style and service together with the World’s best coffees. The father & son team of Herb & Jake Brodsky believe that the  path of the bean, from the plant to your cup, is very important to Novo Coffee and each step is carefully chosen.

We believe that it’s important to value the people who grow and harvest coffee cherries, the cultures that exist where coffees are cultivated and the economic relationships that are formed with every coffee purchase.” -Novo Coffee

Novo Coffee roasts the many offerings at their state-of-the-art facility in Denver’s Rhino District on Larimer Street. Roasting occur at the beginning of the work week with tastings scheduled on Fridays. To arrange a visit to the facility call: 303-295-7678.

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Vine Street Pub turns Five…..why not throw a party?

On the notorious date of April 20th or better know as 4/20, happy patrons and staff came together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Denver’s Vine Street Pub. Though the crazy spring weather did its best to put a literal damper on the festivities, the beer continued to flow and the music only briefly stopped. 4/20 at Vine Street Pub was the place to be in downtown Denver.

The event featured a delicious selection of craft beers, delectable BBQ and the unique and wonderful sounds Paa Kow and the By All Means Band. There was definitely some hustling once the skies began to sputter but the large crowd was dedicated to fun and fun they had. All proceeds from this annual spring rite of passage will benefit Judi’s House, which helps provide hope and healing to grieving children and families.

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Dinner and a movie…..Denver’s Alamo Drafthouse has figured it out.

The concept of Denver’s Alamo Drafthouse is not necessarily a new one in combining films, food and drink but the approach is. The newest of the extremely popular theaters, based of course in Texas, is located in Denver’s Aspen Grove Shopping Center on South Santa Fe Drive. The theater not only offers fantastic films, both new runs and classics, but also boasts a huge rotating selection of hand-crafted beers. Contained within the impressive walls is a full service kitchen offering a delectable menu to patrons by way a waitstaff that rivals the Red Army.

What makes the Alamo Drafthouse unique is their approach to the movie-going experience. While seated in the theater, movie fans are not subjected to any pre-screening advertising. Once the features begin, there is a strict no talking or texting policy that will get violators escorted quickly to the exit. The theater is all about enjoying great films.

Denver’s Alamo Drafthouse opened its doors on March 25th and featured a morning ribbon cutting ceremony with guest of honor Pam Grier, notably of Foxy Brown and many other classics. In the evening the theater hosted a welcome mixer in the “Glass Half-Full” bar followed by an extremely interesting Q&A with Ms. Grier and her induction into the BadAss Hall of Fame with  Devin Faraci of BadAss Digest.

The theater will play host to many fun and exciting events surrounding the film industry, including the 2013 Mile High Horror Film Festival, so check the website often and enjoy.

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The doors are open…..Under the Sun surpasses expectations.

The team that makes up The Mountain Sun Family is very proud to announce that the much anticipated Under the Sun is open for business. This week marked a soft-opening for the newest establishment to offer great “Sun” beers and fantastic foods and has met with hearty approval from diners new and old.

The apt-named Under the Sun Eatery & Taphouse is located in South Boulder under the neighborhood favorite Southern Sun. The brand new concept brings everything that is loved from previous “Sun” offerings to a beautifully finished new space that will surely wow the most discerning clientele.

Get down to Broadway and Table Mesa in Boulder tonight and experience Under the Sun.

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Super dining in Vail…..look no further than Campo de Fiori.

Campo de Fiori or “Campo”, to those who know the fabulous Italian restaurant, is not to be missed when if you are ever visiting Vail, Colorado.  General Manager Mira Hozzova and Head Chef Simone Reatti lead a spectacular team providing a culinary experience that transcends fine dining. Once you try Campo you will no doubt be back for more.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a number of new seasonal menu items created by Chef Simone. Each dish is an incredible combination of taste, texture and sensational delight. The backdrop is warm and inviting and reminds of an intimate cafe in the Südtirol.

Campo de Fiori is located at 100 East Meadow Drive in Vail, Co. 970.476.8994 and also at 205 South Mill Street in Aspen, Co. 970.920.7717.

Let the games begin…..Brewer’s Olympics draw a big crowd to Vine Street Pub’s block party

Mountain Sun Breweries and the Vine Street Pub hosted the second annual Brewer’s Olympics on a blocked-off and very packed Vine Street last weekend in Denver. Contestants from many of Denver’s best craft breweries came out to face-off and compete in a pentathlon of events only someone who enjoys a lot of craft beer could conceive. The events were very hotly contested and the swelling crowed cheered for, well, everything. In the end everyone was a winner and the prize was a rocking concert by Scott Law & Friends, featuring Keith Moseley of String Cheese Incident, Liza Oxnard of Zuba, Tyler Grant, Chris Misner and Eric Moon. All proceeds from the event went to benefit New Era Colorado. What a day in Denver.

Vine Street Pub…..”Sun” fun in Denver

On 17th & Vine there is the unbelievable third addition of the Mountain Sun trilogy of neighborhood watering holes. Vine Street Pub & Brewery offers Denverites the opportunity to experience all of the craft beer and great food that the people of Boulder have come to know and love.

“Opened in 2008, Vine Street is the third pub and brewery in the Mountain Sun family and a cornerstone of the vibrant Uptown Neighborhood of Denver.  Featuring free live music and comedy, board games and corn hole, finely crafted Mountain Sun brews, and fresh, creative pub fare, Vine Street is quickly becoming the neighborhood’s choice as a community gathering spot.”-Paul Nashak, Mountain Sun Breweries.

Vine Street includes not only fabulous outside seating but also frequently has great live music. Vine Street also features a sparkling new brewery where the master brewers create their award winning beers.

Stop by, meet friends, eat and drink and go home with a growler of your favorite brew.

Southern Sun…..just like Mountain Sun, only bigger

Southern Sun is the second in the trifecta of “Sun” experiences. Located in the shadow of Boulder’s Flatirons in South Boulder, Southern Sun was created to accommodate the success and popularity of Mountain Sun. With more space there is more to offer to the throngs of Sun faithfuls. Outdoor seating, convenient parking, live music and space to boogie down all help to create the perfect second coming of the neighborhood pub.

Don’t forget the beer! Southern Sun follows tradition and features an award winning brewery, which helps to increase production of the Sun brews, to keep up with ever-growing demand.

Located in the center of the growing and evolving South Boulder community, the Southern Sun serves as a neighborhood gathering space for all those who love finely brewed craft beer and fresh, clean pub food. Like Mountain Sun, there are no televisions which means the patrons mingle and meet and chat about the world around them.” – Paul Nashak, managing partner the Mountain Sun

Stop by soon and return often. The beer is phenomenal, the food delicious and who knows you can always use some more friends.