A work in progress…..Vintage Woods featured on beautiful North Boulder project.

Vintage Woods is proud to have been selected to be used in a fantastic new project in North Boulder created by Morningstar Homes. This project features a 1 x 8 shiplap pattern   in the Vintage Woods Brown. The work in progress is looking super.

Vintage Woods 9th Street 001 Vintage Woods 9th Street 002 Vintage Woods 9th Street 003

Vintage Woods 9th Street WMs-7Vintage Woods 9th Street 006 Vintage Woods 9th Street 007


The doors are open…..Under the Sun surpasses expectations.

The team that makes up The Mountain Sun Family is very proud to announce that the much anticipated Under the Sun is open for business. This week marked a soft-opening for the newest establishment to offer great “Sun” beers and fantastic foods and has met with hearty approval from diners new and old.

The apt-named Under the Sun Eatery & Taphouse is located in South Boulder under the neighborhood favorite Southern Sun. The brand new concept brings everything that is loved from previous “Sun” offerings to a beautifully finished new space that will surely wow the most discerning clientele.

Get down to Broadway and Table Mesa in Boulder tonight and experience Under the Sun.

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Super dining in Vail…..look no further than Campo de Fiori.

Campo de Fiori or “Campo”, to those who know the fabulous Italian restaurant, is not to be missed when if you are ever visiting Vail, Colorado.  General Manager Mira Hozzova and Head Chef Simone Reatti lead a spectacular team providing a culinary experience that transcends fine dining. Once you try Campo you will no doubt be back for more.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a number of new seasonal menu items created by Chef Simone. Each dish is an incredible combination of taste, texture and sensational delight. The backdrop is warm and inviting and reminds of an intimate cafe in the Südtirol.

Campo de Fiori is located at 100 East Meadow Drive in Vail, Co. 970.476.8994 and also at 205 South Mill Street in Aspen, Co. 970.920.7717.

Vintage Woods…..a new project with some beautiful new products.

Vintage Woods, Inc. is staying busy to say the least. Whether providing architects, designers and builders with beautiful Beetle Kill siding or custom finishing trusses and timbers; it is hard to keep up with all that is new. Luckily the clientele is creative and continues to clamor for more, more, more.

On a recent project in Colorado, Vintage Woods was asked to provide many of the amazing finishes both on the exterior and interior of a lovely residence. Custom finished Cedar was chosen for wood siding, while Beetle Kill and Doug Fir were chosen for decking and timbers. These wood products, along with a custom selected stone make for a striking and unique facade.

Vintage Woods was also very pleased to offer custom finished rolled steel panels as a new product to this project. The steel panels are finished with antique blueing and are installed on a custom grid system. The end result is unbelievable.


With a little help…..Brighton Jumpspot is the real deal.

What started as a dream for an industrious young man has now come true. With the help of the city, some local experts, a flock of volunteers and the support of family, the Brighton Jumpspot is ready to go. Come out and check out this awesome new spot and don’t forget to thank those that made it possible.

A 17 year old Junior at Brighton High School, Logan Holland, is the driving force behind the Jumpspot. He tells his story of the process that took his idea to reality.

“I have enjoyed riding for several years. After traveling to parks, like Valmont and Frisco Adventure Park, I felt the need to find a place closer to home to build my own jumps. I tried to pull favors or find any property with water near by with solid dirt. Months later, after many failed efforts, Dan Schmatz built a line of seven wood to dirt jumps less than 5 minutes from my house. Not knowing him yet, I pursued meeting him to get a hook up to ride and build on the private property.

After meeting Dan, he introduced me to more riders and friends. I got more and more into the sport and began to ride every day. Soon after, my long time friend, Toby Heidt, (whose dad is a Brighton City and Recreation Manager) who knew about my drive to pursue a place to build my own jumps, came to me and said that the city has too much dirt. Another friend, Peter Phibbs, has been pushing a bigger bike community in Brighton for a long time. With bikes on the city’s mind, and too much dirt for the city to handle, I jumped on the opportunity.

After the first three meetings of feeling like a big shot, explaining dirt jumps and the whole language of what a hit, hip, table, gap, fruit cup, wall ride, or spine are, the vision of the parks true potential began to develop. I started to create drawings of what we could do on the half acre, but nothing really helped. However Dan Schmatz then called in a favor with his friends at Plus Size BMX. With all the different skills that the awesome Plus Size BMX crew had, we had a legitimate drawing that could be approved by the city and by the insurance. After this, we realized that it would take a lot of favors and money to have a decent park.

Between the city, Dan, Plus Size BMX, Casree Holland, (another person who has been an immense help towards the creation of the park) and countless volunteers the park came together within a span of about three weeks. I feel very blessed that the park came about the way it did and I am grateful for the opportunities and thankful for all of the learning. Thank you for the opportunity.” Logan Holland-Brighton Jumpspot Mastermind.

Way to go Logan!


Brighton Jumpspot…..A dream becomes reality.

What started as a dream for an industrious young man is now becoming reality. With the help of the city, some local experts, a flock of volunteers and the support of family, the Brighton Jumpspot is becoming a reality. Brighton has been home to a super skatepark that has attracted locals to its variety of bowls and features but for young dirt jumpers and freeriders the closest thing was a car ride away. These riders were hungry for something a bit closer to home.

Logan Holland is one such rider. Logan has been instrumental in working with the city of Brighton and soliciting the help of Plus Size BMX and course designers Chris Olivier and Phil Rowe. Over the past five days these guys and a horde of volunteers have moved literally loads of dirt, shaped, watered and formed what will be one of the finest riding opportunities in Colorado. With the slew of young talent that is coming out of the area this new facility is really a dream come true.

Even the hard working volunteers need a break now and then.

Vintage Woods…..remarkable Vail Valley residences

I recently had the opportunity to visit and shoot a couple of recently completed residences in the Vail Valley that featured products created by Vintage Woods. The finishes on these beautiful homes included siding, timbers fascia & soffit. The combination of the Vintage Woods, stone and metal elements really made these projects stand out in this neighborhood of custom homes.

Southern Sun…..just like Mountain Sun, only bigger

Southern Sun is the second in the trifecta of “Sun” experiences. Located in the shadow of Boulder’s Flatirons in South Boulder, Southern Sun was created to accommodate the success and popularity of Mountain Sun. With more space there is more to offer to the throngs of Sun faithfuls. Outdoor seating, convenient parking, live music and space to boogie down all help to create the perfect second coming of the neighborhood pub.

Don’t forget the beer! Southern Sun follows tradition and features an award winning brewery, which helps to increase production of the Sun brews, to keep up with ever-growing demand.

Located in the center of the growing and evolving South Boulder community, the Southern Sun serves as a neighborhood gathering space for all those who love finely brewed craft beer and fresh, clean pub food. Like Mountain Sun, there are no televisions which means the patrons mingle and meet and chat about the world around them.” – Paul Nashak, managing partner the Mountain Sun

Stop by soon and return often. The beer is phenomenal, the food delicious and who knows you can always use some more friends.

Mountain Sun….the beginning of a great experience

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery is the first of three sensational “Sun” venues created along the  fabulous front-range of the Rocky Mountains. Located just east of the Pearl Street Mall in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, the Mountain Sun is a friendly place to say the least. Whether you come to relax, meet friends, eat some really good food or sample some of the hand-crafted beers, the Mountain Sun is a place you will find yourself returning to frequently.

Opened in 1993, the Mountain Sun grew from the free spirit of Boulder’s roots and is one of the few establishments left celebrating our non-conformist past. Free live music on Sunday nights is one of the many ways the pub engages and cares for the community upon which it was built.” – Paul Nashak, managing partner at Mountain Sun

Was beer mentioned? Mountain Sun brewery has been featured and won many awards for their tasty creations around Colorado and the world. Don’t forget “Stout Month” is February so mark your calendar.


Teva Games 2012…..Vail puts on a great show

Vail again hosted the Teva Mountain Games this past weekend and the show was unbelievable. The crowds were huge and the athletes did their best to entertain and compete for the glory that only Teva Gold can bring. What a great opportunity to see such variety in sport right here in our own backyard.