Operation Altitude hosts an amazing evening at The Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Operation Altitude is known for pushing the envelope, bringing together the best-of-the-best, creating the most memorable of events for their select clientele. A recent evening at The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver’s own “urban winery”, was no different. A private affair at an intimate locale, beautiful decor, delectable cuisine and a private lesson in what it takes to create unbelievable wines, made for one spectacular experience.

With the place to themselves, guests were treated to all the The Infinite Monkey Theorem had to offer. Cocktails were served in the thoughtfully appointed winery tap-room, highlighted by beautiful fall-themed centerpieces and decor from Plum Sage Flowers. An introduction from wine-maker and founder, Ben Parsons, related the rigors and successes this unique winery has experienced. Guests then were escorted to the winery where they could try their hand at creating their own blends.

The highlight of this amazing evening, however, had to be the fabulous wine-paired culinary adventure, created by the chefs of Red Maple Catering. Chef Jason and his professional and creative team kept the appreciate diners happy and anticipation was intense to see what magic each course would offer. It was a a memorable and intimate evening filled with new knowledge, experiences and fine food and drink.

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Operation Altitude creates a magical evening in Denver’s Union Station

Denver’s historic and newly-renovated Union Station served as a wonderful venue for a recent evening of culinary genius. The experience began with a cocktail on the upper terrace of the beautiful Terminal Bar followed by a comprehensive, private tour of the facility. Guests were then ushered to the Gallery Level for a very unique dining experience provided by Denver’s own Epicurean Group. This amazing experience, with every nuance thoughtfully considered and addressed, was orchestrated by Angie Vossler and Operation Altitude.

The set-up was immaculately, prepared by designer Jessica Stapp and her crew, with a warm and rustic, mountain, pure-Colorado feel. The dining experience, a Chef’s Dinner, in which each course was creatively finished by Epicurean’s “Innovation Chef” Jenna Johansen and her team in front of eagerly awaiting diners. At the introduction of each plated course, Chef Jenna described the offering with explanation of process that complimented her delicious creations.

The evening was very impressive, from setting to decor, presentation to every delectable dish and left the crowd in awe. Bravo Angie, Operation Altitude, Jenna, Jessica, Epicurean and Union Station for an evening these lucky few will not soon forget.

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EdFest 2015 working hard to keep Edison Elementary great!

EdFest is the biggest and baddest fundraiser held to benefit the students of Edison Elementary School in Northwest Denver. The focus for this year’s funds will go towards PTA-funded projects and programs, with a special appeal for raising money for musical instruments. The crowd was huge and very willing to support our local elementary school.

EdFest 2015 was held at one of Northwest Denver’s finest watering-holes, Local 46. The back-yard beer garden was the perfect spot for a Cajun Crawfish Boil and “Corn-hole” tournament. Inside attendees had loads of goodies and opportunities to bid on in a silent auction. The “Step-and-Repeat” drew lots of camera-shy models hamming it up as the evening progressed. The final event of the Fest was a live auction led by PTA President and DPS School Board candidate Michael Kiley II.

A special thanks goes out to the gracious sponsors of the event: Local 46, Speaks Orthodontics, Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Tennyson Pediatric DentistrySnarf’sPaneraSushi HaiNY Pizza Pub, Orthodontics in the Highlands and more….

And of course, thanks to the event organizers who do such a good job of making giving money fun!

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Jakarta rocks the Armory…..Brighton Autumn Concert Series ends with a bang.

The finale of the City of Brighton‘s Autumn Concert Series wrapped up the 2013 season of music with a wonderful family concert featuring the sounds of Isaac Points Jakarta Band. Known as Denver’s hottest old-school funk and R&B, Jakarta entertained a packed house in the historic Armory building. There was a bit of something for everyone in attendance, as the set list mixed a wandering selection with fabulous vocals, percussion and a super-hot horn section.

Brighton Armory WMs-1 Brighton Armory WMs-2 Brighton Armory WMs-3 Brighton Armory WMs-4 Brighton Armory WMs-5 Brighton Armory WMs-6 Brighton Armory WMs-7 Brighton Armory WMs-8 Brighton Armory WMs-9 Brighton Armory WMs-10 Brighton Armory WMs-11 Brighton Armory WMs-12 Brighton Armory WMs-13

Jockeys, Juleps & Jazz…..MyLifeLine.org throws a Derby Bash at Four Seasons, Denver

Once again, I have had the opportunity to put my photo skills to use to back an unbelievable cause and have a good time doing it. MyLifeLine.org hosted a Derby Bash in Denver that would rival even the party at Churchill Downs. The event was an opportunity to dress to the nines, down some delicious Juleps and to support an organization that is more than worthy. MyLifeLine.org creates free websites for people suffering from cancer and has a very straightforward directive.

“Our mission is to empower patients to build an online support community of family and friends to foster connection, inspiration, and healing.” -MyLifeLine.org

The event was held at the fabulous Four Seasons, Denver and went off without a hitch due to the efforts of an amazing volunteer planning committee directed by Sheri Muilenburg of The Avia Group and her co-chair Diedre Wooden.

Please visit the MyLifeLine.org website to learn more about what Founder, Marcia Donzinger and her dedicated crew are doing to help make a trying time more bearable for everyone effected.

Rebound Rumble…..Show Ready Events presents the Colorado FIRST Robotics Competition

I recently had the opportunity to help Show Ready Events, a nationally recognized event planning and management company,  put on the FIRST Robotics Colorado Regional competition. FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST creates unbelievable opportunities for teams of high school students, their mentors and sponsors to create and compete at an international level.

This year’s event was held at the DU Magnus Arena. The competition was baseball-themed where teams of three robots went head to head on a custom playing field that included baskets, balls and teeter-totters. The teams showed off an impressive array of skills, not only get to the event but also to make it through the rigors of the competition, which at time resembled a slightly organized smash-up derby.  The winners had the greatest combination of design, marketing, strategy, skill, and a bit of luck.

The event was a huge success and every team that made it to the event was a winner.