Operation Altitude hosts an amazing evening at The Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Operation Altitude is known for pushing the envelope, bringing together the best-of-the-best, creating the most memorable of events for their select clientele. A recent evening at The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver’s own “urban winery”, was no different. A private affair at an intimate locale, beautiful decor, delectable cuisine and a private lesson in what it takes to create unbelievable wines, made for one spectacular experience.

With the place to themselves, guests were treated to all the The Infinite Monkey Theorem had to offer. Cocktails were served in the thoughtfully appointed winery tap-room, highlighted by beautiful fall-themed centerpieces and decor from Plum Sage Flowers. An introduction from wine-maker and founder, Ben Parsons, related the rigors and successes this unique winery has experienced. Guests then were escorted to the winery where they could try their hand at creating their own blends.

The highlight of this amazing evening, however, had to be the fabulous wine-paired culinary adventure, created by the chefs of Red Maple Catering. Chef Jason and his professional and creative team kept the appreciate diners happy and anticipation was intense to see what magic each course would offer. It was a a memorable and intimate evening filled with new knowledge, experiences and fine food and drink.

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GenFit & PawsCo workouts have gone to the dogs!

Some days it takes more than just a walk around the block, sniffing everything. Some days it is not enough to chase a ball. Some days you need someone to do more than just take you to the park. Some days you need to get your heart racing, muscles burning and and gasp for air with your best friend!

On a recent evening in Denver’s RINO District, a group of diehard fitness buffs and their four-legged friends joined up with the trainers from GenFit Gym to get their work-out on! Both human and canine participants pushed themselves to their limits to reach their fitness goals. As expected there were sprints, wall-sits, burpees, planks and the occasional nips and barks. In the end there were big smiles and a lot of panting. This workout had it all including an opportunity to meet some adoptable dogs from PawsCo.

A great opportunity to get out and play.

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Operation Altitude creates a magical evening in Denver’s Union Station

Denver’s historic and newly-renovated Union Station served as a wonderful venue for a recent evening of culinary genius. The experience began with a cocktail on the upper terrace of the beautiful Terminal Bar followed by a comprehensive, private tour of the facility. Guests were then ushered to the Gallery Level for a very unique dining experience provided by Denver’s own Epicurean Group. This amazing experience, with every nuance thoughtfully considered and addressed, was orchestrated by Angie Vossler and Operation Altitude.

The set-up was immaculately, prepared by designer Jessica Stapp and her crew, with a warm and rustic, mountain, pure-Colorado feel. The dining experience, a Chef’s Dinner, in which each course was creatively finished by Epicurean’s “Innovation Chef” Jenna Johansen and her team in front of eagerly awaiting diners. At the introduction of each plated course, Chef Jenna described the offering with explanation of process that complimented her delicious creations.

The evening was very impressive, from setting to decor, presentation to every delectable dish and left the crowd in awe. Bravo Angie, Operation Altitude, Jenna, Jessica, Epicurean and Union Station for an evening these lucky few will not soon forget.

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Ratio Beerworks, Rockin’ Rhino with Tasty Suds.

Larimer Street is home to an exciting new brewery that is sure to make waves in the ocean of Denver’s craft-beer scene. A reunion of three long-time friends who started as a punk rock band, went their ways have now come back together to combine their skills to bring great beer, a cool venue and a sweet vibe to Denver’s Rhino District. Ratio Beerworks will be the place to be.

Ratio Beerworks boasts a state-of-the-art 20 barrel brewery to provide loads of great beers, an eclectic selection of food trucks to provide on-site dining and a music scene only former musicians could put together. Next time you are looking for something exciting and new head on over to Ratio Beerworks.

Ratio Opening Web-2 Ratio Opening Web-4 Ratio Opening Web-16 Ratio Opening Web-18 Ratio Opening Web-22 Ratio Opening Web-30 Ratio Opening Web-36 Ratio Opening Web-40 Ratio Opening Web-52 Ratio Opening Web-68 Ratio Opening Web-80 Ratio Opening Web-101 Ratio Opening Web-127 Ratio Opening Web-158 Ratio Opening Web-161 Ratio Opening Web-173 Ratio Opening Web-205

Six courses & craft beers…..Vine Street Pub hosts a Brewer’s Dinner with style.

A number of very fortunate diners were treated to an unbelievable evening of fine food, craft beer and great company. Vine Street Pub hosted a Brewer’s Dinner which featured a six course menu, each presentation paired with a special release brew. The event served to kick off the Great American Beer Fest and provide a unique opportunity to sample savory cuisine.

The feat of creating this extravagant fare was nothing short of amazing. Chef Brendon Flood led his culinary crew with military precision and head-brewer John Fiorilli served up a grand collection of libation to the craft gods. The event was held in Harry’s, an eclectic space perfect for private parties.

To book a private event in Harry’s, please contact Paul Nashak. paul@mountainsunpub.com.

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Novo Coffee….Denver roasters doing coffee right.

Novo Coffee has recently opened a fantastic new cafe in the hustle of downtown Denver. Located at 1600 Glenarm, across from the historic Paramount Theater between the 16th Street Mall and Denver Pavilions, this new location brings style and service together with the World’s best coffees. The father & son team of Herb & Jake Brodsky believe that the  path of the bean, from the plant to your cup, is very important to Novo Coffee and each step is carefully chosen.

We believe that it’s important to value the people who grow and harvest coffee cherries, the cultures that exist where coffees are cultivated and the economic relationships that are formed with every coffee purchase.” -Novo Coffee

Novo Coffee roasts the many offerings at their state-of-the-art facility in Denver’s Rhino District on Larimer Street. Roasting occur at the beginning of the work week with tastings scheduled on Fridays. To arrange a visit to the facility call: 303-295-7678.

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Vine Street Pub turns Five…..why not throw a party?

On the notorious date of April 20th or better know as 4/20, happy patrons and staff came together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Denver’s Vine Street Pub. Though the crazy spring weather did its best to put a literal damper on the festivities, the beer continued to flow and the music only briefly stopped. 4/20 at Vine Street Pub was the place to be in downtown Denver.

The event featured a delicious selection of craft beers, delectable BBQ and the unique and wonderful sounds Paa Kow and the By All Means Band. There was definitely some hustling once the skies began to sputter but the large crowd was dedicated to fun and fun they had. All proceeds from this annual spring rite of passage will benefit Judi’s House, which helps provide hope and healing to grieving children and families.

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Denver Dirt…..Clean-up, clinics, and big air at Barnum North Bike Park.

Last Saturday the Friends of Barnum North Bike Park hosted a coming out party for their young dirt jump park. Hordes of riders, families and fans from the local neighborhoods and beyond came together to celebrate the opportunity to enjoy this unique facility. The message was simple and clear; be a part of keeping the park a fun, safe and enjoyable place for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Trestle Bike Skills Course at Barnum North Park is a Denver City park, located just west of  Federal on 8th Avenue. The park is managed by an all volunteer crew of hardy diggers led by Nick Soloninka. This crew works hard to play hard and took every advantage of the large crowd that came out Saturday to build new features and teach correct course maintenance and bike skills.

This event was about putting the community back into cycling.” -Nick Soloninka.

Hard work was not the only draw for this event. Free bike repairs were provided by Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop and demo bikes were available from COMBA, Colorado Mountain Bike Association. Groundwork Denver provided free helmets and gave away a bunch of bikes to lucky attendees. The fan favorite, however, had to be Vanessa and her delicious hot dogs that tasted awesome after some hard work in the dirt.

Once the work was done it was time to play and the crowd was not dissapointed. Kids got to learn the skills of the park’s pump track and many local pro riders, including Dominic Megalli, put on quite an air show, flipping and whipping and signing autographs. Not a bad party for a young park.

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EvolveYourSelf…..Skills camps at Evolve Action Sports Park

Want to get your kids involved in action sports: skateboard, scooters, bikes or blades in a safe and fun environment? Then come and check out Evolve Action Sports Park. Evolve ASP works hard to create a “vibe” where everyone can learn, have fun and get better. They offer super lessons, parties and events. Spring Break camps are just around the corner.

Are you looking for summer camp opportunities? Well, Evolve Action Sports Park has a number of great options, all staffed with unbelievable coaches. All-day, 1/2 day or just a day are all possible for your little shredder. Evolve focuses on fundamental skill development all the way to big banger tricks, all revolving around three simple words….Safety, Etiquette and Skill.

There are tons of great images so take the time to scroll all the way through to see some past action from camps at Evolve Action Sports Park.

DD Evolve Camps 001 DD Evolve Camps 002 DD Evolve Camps 003 DD Evolve Camps 004 DD Evolve Camps 005 DD Evolve Camps 006 DD Evolve Camps 007 DD Evolve Camps 008 DD Evolve Camps 009 DD Evolve Camps 010 DD Evolve Camps 011 DD Evolve Camps 012 DD Evolve Camps 013 DD Evolve Camps 014 DD Evolve Camps 015 DD Evolve Camps 016 DD Evolve Camps 017 DD Evolve Camps 018 DD Evolve Camps 019 DD Evolve Camps 020 DD Evolve Camps 021 DD Evolve Camps 023 DD Evolve Camps 025 DD Evolve Camps 027

Let the games begin…..Brewer’s Olympics draw a big crowd to Vine Street Pub’s block party

Mountain Sun Breweries and the Vine Street Pub hosted the second annual Brewer’s Olympics on a blocked-off and very packed Vine Street last weekend in Denver. Contestants from many of Denver’s best craft breweries came out to face-off and compete in a pentathlon of events only someone who enjoys a lot of craft beer could conceive. The events were very hotly contested and the swelling crowed cheered for, well, everything. In the end everyone was a winner and the prize was a rocking concert by Scott Law & Friends, featuring Keith Moseley of String Cheese Incident, Liza Oxnard of Zuba, Tyler Grant, Chris Misner and Eric Moon. All proceeds from the event went to benefit New Era Colorado. What a day in Denver.