Mountain Sun Pub celebrates 23 years of a “Funky Good Time!”

Each spring The Mountain Sun Pub hosts an event of epic proportions. This past Saturday was fantastic as the historic Boulder Theater welcomed the 23rd year of this “Funky Good Time”. The evening’s entertainment opened to a packed house featuring an entertaining and energized set from Euforquestra and closed in a raucous frenzy following two sets from “The Pearl Street All-Stars”.

This year’s “All-Stars” were just that and included George Porter Jr., Kyle Hollingsworth, Jennifer Hartswick, Eddie Roberts, Isaac Teel & Jans Ingber. The music was unbelievable from start to finish making this 2016 version one to remember.

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MS Funk Show 2016 WEB-248

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Sixty Minute Men are going to “rock their socks” right out of Colorado.

Colorado seems to be a hotbed for the eclectic, creative and courageous. The music scene here is no different. With bands all the way back to Glenn Miller; to Big Head Todd & the Monsters, The Samples, Leftover Salmon, The Lumineers, The Fray, Zuba….the list is long. Next up is a five-piece group out of Boulder that is as exciting as they are skilled. Sixty Minute Men are a refreshing, rocking group of musicians that are poised to make the big time.

Recently playing at the annual Vine Street Pub’s Uptown Neighborhood Block Party, The Sixty Minute Men took the enormous crowd by storm and the reception was a collective “Wow!”. These guys bring a fresh and exhilarating sound to the stage that is complimented by an energy that is contagious. The sound they call “Original Soul” is a delicious mix of rock, funk, blues and, of course, soul and challenges each and every listener not to move.

Great things are in store for the Sixty Minute Men. The ingredients are all there for them to be the next big thing to come from the Colorado music scene. Go and check them out, you will not be disappointed!

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Yonder Mountain String Band plays a packed house at Under the Sun.

Like two peas in a pod, Yonder Mountain String Band and Under the Sun Eatery & Taphouse teamed up to do things their way. A free show in preparation for the band’s show at venerable Red Rocks Amphitheater was held Thursday night to a packed house and parking lot. The evening literally pushed Under the Sun’s versatile seating possibilities…. Pushed everything out of the way to make room for the hordes of standing-room-only fans. The crowd could not get enough of the band’s progressive bluegrass sound, which led to an “encore set” in the  UTS parking lot.

Working in such tight quarters, the band moved like a well oiled machine that comes only with years of experience playing together. Each musician slithered their way to the mic to add their sounds to the mesmerizing mix. Smiles were everywhere and if the “rehearsal” was any indication, tonight’s show at Red Rocks will rock!

UTS Yonder DD 001 UTS Yonder DD 002 UTS Yonder DD 003 UTS Yonder DD 004 UTS Yonder DD 005 UTS Yonder DD 006 UTS Yonder DD 007 UTS Yonder DD 008 UTS Yonder DD 009 UTS Yonder DD 010 UTS Yonder DD 011 UTS Yonder DD 012 UTS Yonder DD 013 UTS Yonder DD 014 UTS Yonder DD 015 UTS Yonder DD 016 UTS Yonder DD 017 UTS Yonder DD 018 UTS Yonder DD 019 UTS Yonder DD 020 UTS Yonder DD 021 UTS Yonder DD 022 UTS Yonder DD 023 UTS Yonder DD 024 UTS Yonder DD 025 UTS Yonder DD 026 UTS Yonder DD 027


Bryce Widom and his masterpieces in chalk.

I was introduced to a sampling of the beautiful works of Bryce Widom, while photographing the different locations of Mountain Sun Pubs & Breweries. Upon first glance of the murals there is a sense of something intriguing and special about the works. A closer look reveals color and detail that is quite extraordinary. When the realization is made that the images are created by an extremely steady hand, employing vivid colors of chalk, it is evident that the creator is a true artist.

The works are so very unique and more often than not, temporary; to be wiped clean and replaced with a new equally beautiful and creative offering. It has been an honor to be able to capture these wonderful murals, while they exist, and preserve them in a sense.

Next time you visit one of the Mountain Sun Pubs be sure to take a moment to appreciate the talent of the artist Bryce Widom.

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Avid4 Adventure is the place for summer camp fun!

Avid4 Adventure is growing fast and continues to provide kids in both the Colorado Front Range & now Northern California opportunities to get outside, experience, learn to be safe and have a ball!  With a crew of instructors who are caring, attentive, well trained and fun, Avid gives parents a great option to send their young adventurers for summer camps. More locations, more offering means more lids learning the skills to enjoy the outdoors!

The philosophy is simple: Create programming where parents feel comfortable, kids have a blast and instructors are proud team members. Avid 4 has done just that and it is obviously working. From the moment at drop off, when met with smiles by each attentive staff-member, to the car ride home, listening to the stories, riddles and experiences of your truly “happy camper” Avid 4 Adventure is great.

The 2015 season is winding down but stay tuned. Summer 2016 camps fill up quickly. Also, check out the Avid gear sales, happening this fall, where some super deals on lightly used equipment can be had.

Wash Park Survival Skills:
DD Avid4 2015 01DD Avid4 2015 02DD Avid4 2015 03DD Avid4 2015 04DD Avid4 2015 05

DD Avid4 2015 06Boulder Creek Kayak and Whitewater SUP:

DD Avid4 2015 07DD Avid4 2015 08DD Avid4 2015 10DD Avid4 2015 11DD Avid4 2015 09DD Avid4 2015 12DD Avid4 2015 13DD Avid4 2015 14DD Avid4 2015 15DD Avid4 2015 16DD Avid4 2015 17DD Avid4 2015 18DD Avid4 2015 19DD Avid4 2015 20DD Avid4 2015 21DD Avid4 2015 22

Stapleton Explorers, Biking, Canoeing & SUP:

DD Avid4 2015 23DD Avid4 2015 24DD Avid4 2015 32DD Avid4 2015 25DD Avid4 2015 26DD Avid4 2015 27DD Avid4 2015 28DD Avid4 2015 29DD Avid4 2015 30DD Avid4 2015 31DD Avid4 2015 33DD Avid4 2015 34DD Avid4 2015 35DD Avid4 2015 36DD Avid4 2015 37DD Avid4 2015 38DD Avid4 2015 39DD Avid4 2015 40DD Avid4 2015 41DD Avid4 2015 42DD Avid4 2015 43DD Avid4 2015 44DD Avid4 2015 45DD Avid4 2015 46

Summer camp rules…..Avid4 Adventure adds a residence camp.

Avid4 Adventure, based out of Boulder, Colorado, provides age-appropriate outdoor experiences for very fortunate participants. Their mission:

To inspire life-long active outdoor lifestyles and environmental stewardship through experiences that provide personal development and memorable family adventures, while addressing the logistical needs of parents.”

Avid4 Adventure offers year-round opportunities for young people to explore new and  favorite activities. Instruction includes rock, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and outdoor education. Each activity is experienced in safe and fabulous surroundings.

The newest addition to Avid4’s incredible offerings will now include an unbelievable residence camp in conjunction with Windy Peaks Outdoor Education Laboratory School. One and two week sessions beginning in the summer of 2013 will provide campers education, experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. The camp is located at 8,00 feet near Bailey, Colorado.

Bring on the kids!

Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-1

Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-4 Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-32 Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-23 Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-17 Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-9Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-119


Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-37

Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-151 Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-153 Avid4 Windy Peaks web JPEGs-159

A ray of Sunshine…..custom home features Vintage Woods.

This beautiful creative custom home was built following the devastating Four-mile fire in Boulder. Architect Renee del Guadio designed this fantastic mix of steel, wood and glass and perched it high atop the burnt hillside. The home, built by Morningstar Homes, features sliding barn-door shutters created from Vintage Woods shiplap beetle kill pine. The sweeping views of both mountains and plains make this a real wonder.

Sunshine WMs 001 Sunshine WMs 002 Sunshine WMs 003 Sunshine WMs 004 Sunshine WMs 005 Sunshine WMs 006 Sunshine WMs 007 Sunshine WMs 008 Sunshine WMs 009 Sunshine WMs 010

Southern Sun…..just like Mountain Sun, only bigger

Southern Sun is the second in the trifecta of “Sun” experiences. Located in the shadow of Boulder’s Flatirons in South Boulder, Southern Sun was created to accommodate the success and popularity of Mountain Sun. With more space there is more to offer to the throngs of Sun faithfuls. Outdoor seating, convenient parking, live music and space to boogie down all help to create the perfect second coming of the neighborhood pub.

Don’t forget the beer! Southern Sun follows tradition and features an award winning brewery, which helps to increase production of the Sun brews, to keep up with ever-growing demand.

Located in the center of the growing and evolving South Boulder community, the Southern Sun serves as a neighborhood gathering space for all those who love finely brewed craft beer and fresh, clean pub food. Like Mountain Sun, there are no televisions which means the patrons mingle and meet and chat about the world around them.” – Paul Nashak, managing partner the Mountain Sun

Stop by soon and return often. The beer is phenomenal, the food delicious and who knows you can always use some more friends.

Mountain Sun….the beginning of a great experience

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery is the first of three sensational “Sun” venues created along the  fabulous front-range of the Rocky Mountains. Located just east of the Pearl Street Mall in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, the Mountain Sun is a friendly place to say the least. Whether you come to relax, meet friends, eat some really good food or sample some of the hand-crafted beers, the Mountain Sun is a place you will find yourself returning to frequently.

Opened in 1993, the Mountain Sun grew from the free spirit of Boulder’s roots and is one of the few establishments left celebrating our non-conformist past. Free live music on Sunday nights is one of the many ways the pub engages and cares for the community upon which it was built.” – Paul Nashak, managing partner at Mountain Sun

Was beer mentioned? Mountain Sun brewery has been featured and won many awards for their tasty creations around Colorado and the world. Don’t forget “Stout Month” is February so mark your calendar.