el Camino Community Tavern…..come in, it’s fun.

el Camino Community Tavern is a fantastic example of much more than a neighborhood mexican restaurant. It is an experience of great, locally sourced food, entertainment and, as the name suggests, community. Upon approach to this Highlands Neighborhood fixture, one can tell it is something special. The bright pink facade invites patrons in to a wonderful mix of art, style and setting that amazes.

The fare is Mexican but far from typical. Creative combinations, flavors and food sources make the selections both flavorful and memorable. Brunch on weekends feature flamenco guitar and Tacos “on” Tuesday cannot be missed.

el Camino is a great experience for all, whether stopping in for one of the many cervezas or dining out with the family, you will always feel welcomed and leave satisfied.

What’s Hoopa?…..It’s fun.

We recently had the opportunity to try a fun new way to get strong and in shape that is definitely not your average fitness class. Our friend Michele has a way to make increasing your core strength fun and exciting. Hula hooping!!! Yes, that’s right, the childhood toy that you either played with or saw others play, depending on your interests and skill-set, is a very creative and enjoyable way to fitness and body stability.

The class lasted for about an hour, including giggling, and included a warm up, instruction,  exercises and a cool-down. As with every form of fitness training, Hula-hooping focuses on correct form and execution of skills to ensure not only safety but the best benefits. We were a very mixed bag of participants, from beginners to those who looked like pros. We all found that, in order to reap the best benefits, we could all work on our hooping techniques. There were challenges galore including keeping the hoop off of the ground, balance, jumping and even the limbo.

Michele’s class, called Hoopa, is a great way to gain strength and stability in the “o-so-important” core and its fun.



Preschool Art Show…..Auraria Early Learning Center does it again.


Recently we had the opportunity to attend the Auraria Early Learning Center’s Student Art Show. What a blast! There were cookies, drinks, music and more great art then could be imagined. Table upon table of fascinating creations from the very talented students who attend the school. The art show is just another of the amazing opportunities the children receive while attending these great programs.