EvolveYourSelf…..Skills camps at Evolve Action Sports Park

Want to get your kids involved in action sports: skateboard, scooters, bikes or blades in a safe and fun environment? Then come and check out Evolve Action Sports Park. Evolve ASP works hard to create a “vibe” where everyone can learn, have fun and get better. They offer super lessons, parties and events. Spring Break camps are just around the corner.

Are you looking for summer camp opportunities? Well, Evolve Action Sports Park has a number of great options, all staffed with unbelievable coaches. All-day, 1/2 day or just a day are all possible for your little shredder. Evolve focuses on fundamental skill development all the way to big banger tricks, all revolving around three simple words….Safety, Etiquette and Skill.

Check us out at www.evolveasp.com or better yet, come on in for a session.

There are tons of great images so take the time to scroll all the way through to see some past action from camps at Evolve Action Sports Park.

Evolve summer camp postcard

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Ratio Beerworks, Rockin’ Rhino with Tasty Suds.

Larimer Street is home to an exciting new brewery that is sure to make waves in the ocean of Denver’s craft-beer scene. A reunion of three long-time friends who started as a punk rock band, went their ways have now come back together to combine their skills to bring great beer, a cool venue and a sweet vibe to Denver’s Rhino District. Ratio Beerworks will be the place to be.

Ratio Beerworks boasts a state-of-the-art 20 barrel brewery to provide loads of great beers, an eclectic selection of food trucks to provide on-site dining and a music scene only former musicians could put together. Next time you are looking for something exciting and new head on over to Ratio Beerworks.

Ratio Opening Web-2 Ratio Opening Web-4 Ratio Opening Web-16 Ratio Opening Web-18 Ratio Opening Web-22 Ratio Opening Web-30 Ratio Opening Web-36 Ratio Opening Web-40 Ratio Opening Web-52 Ratio Opening Web-68 Ratio Opening Web-80 Ratio Opening Web-101 Ratio Opening Web-127 Ratio Opening Web-158 Ratio Opening Web-161 Ratio Opening Web-173 Ratio Opening Web-205

Evolve Action Sports Park opens in Denver

Evolve Action Sports Park is pleased to announce that this fall Denver, Colorado will be home to a new 16,000 square foot facility designed for BMX & MTB bicycles, skateboards, scooters and all other wheeled action sports. Located in southwest metro Denver at 730 South Jason Street, the unique park will be a venue for participants to ride, practice and safely learn new techniques in a state-of-the-art environment. Classes, camps, lessons and competitions will highlight the calendar providing many exciting opportunities for the local and world-wide community. Evolve Action Sports Park will be unique in that the features throughout the park will be modular. This modular design creates a dynamic riding experience that can be changed simply and often. Designs can be altered to cater to the riders skill level and needs often at a moments notice. The park will also feature the “Evolve Zone” where participants can safely and effectively learn new tricks and skills.

Evolve Layout with logo

the layout….

Our indoor space is separated into 4 riding zones. Our 4 zones are PSBMX Street Plaza, VP Components Bowl, Dartmoor NA Jump Zone and the Flow Zone. Each zone catering to a different riding style yet all flowing into each other for those with the skill. EVOLVE was designed and built by Global Action Sports Solutions to provide a top caliber experience for beginners as well as seasoned pros. EVOLVE will also be hosting multiple local, regional and national competitions for riders to put their skills to the test. Classes will be available for all sports ranging from group classes to private “Ride with a Pro” sessions. Summer camps will offer riders week-long intensive education in safety, etiquette and skills. Classes and camps will also feature extensive video analysis for each rider. And for those looking to capture the action we will be offering Media Camps during the summer for filming and photography.

Zach Romero - pic by Rich Vossler Photography

Zach Romero bars a big quarter pipe at Evolve Action Sports Park.

Entry to the park will offer a number of flexible opportunities to allow everyone to participate. Evolve Action Sports Park will be a new exciting venue to ride safely and develop riders of all-ages and disciplines. The facility will be a friendly, fun environment with a focus on the joys of rolling on wheels all in support of our mission to teach Safety, Etiquette and Skills. For more information please visit us online at evolveasp.com Please forward all inquiries to: info@evolveasp.com Evolve Action Sports Park 730 South Jason Street Unit 26 Denver, Colorado 80223 303-942-1379

Edward Evovle 10-15-14 WMsBW-5

Skate Director Edward Sanchez of Evolve Action Sports Park.

Evolve Soft Opening WMs-2

Jantzen Frampton tests the ramps at Evolve Action Sports Park.

Jakarta rocks the Armory…..Brighton Autumn Concert Series ends with a bang.

The finale of the City of Brighton‘s Autumn Concert Series wrapped up the 2013 season of music with a wonderful family concert featuring the sounds of Isaac Points Jakarta Band. Known as Denver’s hottest old-school funk and R&B, Jakarta entertained a packed house in the historic Armory building. There was a bit of something for everyone in attendance, as the set list mixed a wandering selection with fabulous vocals, percussion and a super-hot horn section.

Brighton Armory WMs-1 Brighton Armory WMs-2 Brighton Armory WMs-3 Brighton Armory WMs-4 Brighton Armory WMs-5 Brighton Armory WMs-6 Brighton Armory WMs-7 Brighton Armory WMs-8 Brighton Armory WMs-9 Brighton Armory WMs-10 Brighton Armory WMs-11 Brighton Armory WMs-12 Brighton Armory WMs-13

Six courses & craft beers…..Vine Street Pub hosts a Brewer’s Dinner with style.

A number of very fortunate diners were treated to an unbelievable evening of fine food, craft beer and great company. Vine Street Pub hosted a Brewer’s Dinner which featured a six course menu, each presentation paired with a special release brew. The event served to kick off the Great American Beer Fest and provide a unique opportunity to sample savory cuisine.

The feat of creating this extravagant fare was nothing short of amazing. Chef Brendon Flood led his culinary crew with military precision and head-brewer John Fiorilli served up a grand collection of libation to the craft gods. The event was held in Harry’s, an eclectic space perfect for private parties.

To book a private event in Harry’s, please contact Paul Nashak. paul@mountainsunpub.com.

Vine St Dinner DD 0001

Vine St Dinner DD 0002 Vine St Dinner DD 0003 Vine St Dinner DD 0004 Vine St Dinner DD 0005 Vine St Dinner DD 0006 Vine St Dinner DD 0007 Vine St Dinner DD 0008 Vine St Dinner DD 0009 Vine St Dinner DD 0010 Vine St Dinner DD 0011 Vine St Dinner DD 0012 Vine St Dinner DD 0013

An amazing young woman…..Edge Restaurant at Four Seasons, Denver hosts a Fundraiser for Karina.

Four Seasons, Denver and Edge Restaurant recently hosted a fundraiser, sponsored by Reyka Vodka, to benefit a young Aurora woman. Karina Vargas was the victim of a drive-by-shooting outside of Aurora High School, as she stood with a group of friends. The gunshot left Karina paralyzed from the waist down and dependent on a wheelchair. The fundraiser, organized by Denver Center for Crime Victims, is intended to help cover costs not only associated with Karina’s immediate care but also to ensure a more comfortable future.

Karina truly is an amazing young woman and has embraced the turn life threw at her with strength and vigor. It was an honor to be part of this amazing event.

FSD Karina WMs-1 FSD Karina WMs-2 FSD Karina WMs-3 FSD Karina WMs-4 FSD Karina WMs-5 FSD Karina WMs-6 FSD Karina WMs-7 FSD Karina WMs-8 FSD Karina WMs-9 FSD Karina WMs-10 FSD Karina WMs-11 FSD Karina WMs-12 FSD Karina WMs-13

A place on the “Blue”…..Ivan Stanley creates another beautiful custom home.

Tucked into a beautiful space on the banks of the Blue RIver, Ivan Stanley & Associates has created an oasis of beauty. Privacy, views and the sound of running water create an environment deserving of this beautiful custom residence. Utilizing weathered wood siding, stout timbers and stone, the residence blends perfectly to its surroundings. The interior boast warm finishes and thoughtful design. Towering trusses and a west-facing wall of windows compliment awe-inspiring landscape beyond.

Silverthoen Residence  DD  0001 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0002 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0003 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0004 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0005 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0006 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0007 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0008 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0009 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0010 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0011 Silverthoen Residence  DD  0012

Hoopin’ in the hood…..Little Man Ice Cream hosts 4th Hula Contest.

Denver favorite Little Man Ice Cream hosted its 4th annual Hula Hoop contest this past weekend. This year’s event brought out a huge crowd as local schools were encouraged to compete for prizes and bragging rights in a fantastic bunch of catagories. The hoopers put on a great show of skills and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. Thanks to the Denver Firefighters for coming out and cooling off all of the hot kids…and anyone else who happened to be anywhere near the spray of the fire truck!

Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-8 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-14 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-15 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-17 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-23 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-37 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-42 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-53 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-55 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-60 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-64 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-68 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-71 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-72 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-73 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-91 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-94 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-95 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-105 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-106 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-107 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-109 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-110 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-119 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-121 Little Man Hoop 13 WMs-124

Mikes Camera/Sony Outlaws of Dirt…..a fine debut at the Lyons Outdoor Games.

The first stop of the much anticipated 2013 Mike’s Camera/Sony Outlaws of Dirt lived up to expectations to the delight of the large crowds at the Lyons Outdoor Games. The event featured both pros and amateurs throwing down on the dirt all weekend long. Saturday saw riders take to the jumps and did not disappoint. That evening riders and course crew softened the lip of the largest feature and riders delighted fans with a “best trick” contest. Sunday featured a well-attended pump track contest, where young and old did their best in a race-against the clock qualifying and brutal head-to head finals.

The next stop in the Outlaws Series will be held in August at the Frisco Adventure Park. The Frisco stop will feature a downhill slalom, dirt jumps, The Dixie Trix women’s slopestyle, uphill time-trial, short track and many other activities for families and kids alike. The festival will also feature many food vendors and a beer garden. What more could bike enthusiasts ask for?

A special thanks must go out to the sponsors that have made the series possible:

Mike’s Camera, Sony, VP Components, Alex Rims, Red Bull, Sieg Clothing, SE Bikes, Index Ink, Freegun, Honey Stinger, Mophie, Loaded, Joe’s Bike Shop, Freelap, Teva, Deity, Black Market Bikes, Woodward West, Frisco Adventure Park, Dixie Trix

Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 001 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 002 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 003 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 004 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 005 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 006 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 007 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 008 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 009 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 010 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 011 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 012 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 013 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 014 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 015 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 016 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 017 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 018 Outlaws Lyons RVP Blog 019

Mtn. Slopestyle…..Go Pro takes over the Vail Mtn. Games

This summer Go Pro took over the Vail Mtn. Games and the result was an unbelievable show of skill, excitement, and adrenaline as well as some serious bumps and bruises. The event fell a week after the Outlaws of Dirt comp in Lyons, Colorado and many riders had their tricks dialed in. It was a very full day with wind, rain, dust and sun.

A highlight of the slopestyle contest had to be the “Open Loop”, with its high-risk-high-reward, the loop was a question mark for the competitors and judges alike.  A few brave souls attempted the daunting feature through practice rounds and qualifying and even fewer used the feature in their final rounds. Others opted to get creative with lines and some huge, crowd pleasing, transfers were put down.

Riders and fans all seemed pleased with the course and layout and, with the introduction of the “loop”, the bar was definitely raised. Now it’s only a matter of time before these guys begin to “trick” it!

DD Vail Go Pro 001 DD Vail Go Pro 002 DD Vail Go Pro 003 DD Vail Go Pro 004 DD Vail Go Pro 005 DD Vail Go Pro 006 DD Vail Go Pro 007 DD Vail Go Pro 008 DD Vail Go Pro 009 DD Vail Go Pro 010 DD Vail Go Pro 011 DD Vail Go Pro 012 DD Vail Go Pro 013 DD Vail Go Pro 014 DD Vail Go Pro 015 DD Vail Go Pro 016 DD Vail Go Pro 017 DD Vail Go Pro 018