Mountain Sun Pub celebrates 23 years of a “Funky Good Time!”

Each spring The Mountain Sun Pub hosts an event of epic proportions. This past Saturday was fantastic as the historic Boulder Theater welcomed the 23rd year of this “Funky Good Time”. The evening’s entertainment opened to a packed house featuring an entertaining and energized set from Euforquestra and closed in a raucous frenzy following two sets from “The Pearl Street All-Stars”.

This year’s “All-Stars” were just that and included George Porter Jr., Kyle Hollingsworth, Jennifer Hartswick, Eddie Roberts, Isaac Teel & Jans Ingber. The music was unbelievable from start to finish making this 2016 version one to remember.

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MS Funk Show 2016 WEB-248

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Time to party! Ratio Beerworks turns 1.

A lot can happen in a year. A milestone in the timeline of new business, the one-year-mark is reason to celebrate. Ratio Beerworks, located in Denver’s RHINO District, embraced this milestone with vigor and created an amazing Anniversary Weekend. Perhaps aided by an opening date that falls on Valentine’s Day, it was evident that there is much love for one of the hottest new breweries, not only in Denver but the entire U.S as well.

The weekend featured a packed schedule of entertainment, local food trucks and of course finely crafted and tasty beer. Limited releases of new brews brought happy crowds throughout the sun-drenched weekend. The events wound up Sunday with a special “Hangover Firkin” and Valentine’s Day brunch.

Pushing the hype was recent national recognition for this yearling brewery. Already a favorite of local craft-beer enthusiasts, Ratio Beerworks was named as one of the nations top 33 new breweries by the Beer Advocate, as well as one of the best new breweries in America by Thrillist. An honor for sure and as Brewmaster Jason says,” The beer is the core….”

Congratulations on the first year and here’s to many more to come.

Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 001 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 002 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 003 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 004 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 005 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 006 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 007 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 008 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 009 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 010 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 011 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 012 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 013 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 014 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 015 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 016 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 017 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 018 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 019 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 020 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 021 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 022 Ratio 1st Anniversary Party DD 023

Ration 1st anniversary DD-25

Vintage Woods, Inc. makes big moves in Gypsum, Colorado.

Vintage Woods, Inc.of Gypsum, Colorado has a new home with fantastic new capabilities. The new location features more square footage, a state-of-the-art shop, and beautiful showroom. Clients will now have the opportunity to see, feel and experience what Vintage Woods has to offer.

As an industry leader in fabrication and finish of fine-home wood products, Vintage Woods has now brought all of the stages of production in-house. Most exciting is the addition of a new molder. This molder provides the opportunity for custom milling and profiles on-site, ensuring quality control throughout the manufacturing process. The additional yard space provides for stocked inventory of both raw materials and finished product. Finally, the larger shop has made it possible to handle bigger pieces including a recent project that included 12″x24″ beams that were 60′ long!

To top all of this off is a finely appointed showroom, featuring many different options in siding, beam-work and now also engineered wood flooring. Colors, textures, species all are on display to truly get a feel for the look of the product. Home-owners, their architects and builders will instantly see the benefits of all of these fantastic new upgrades.

To learn more about Vintage Woods, Inc., their capabilities, offerings or to schedule an appointment visit the website: 

or call: 970-524-4041

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VW Showroom DD 002

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Ruby Jane Boutique comes to Denver’s Highlands Square

The long wait is finally over! Ruby Jane Boutique has come down from the mountains to set roots in Denver’s Highlands Square. Located at 32nd & Lowell Ave., Ruby Jane, Denver is the newest addition to the Valley Girl Boutique Family of 5 highly successful shops in Breckenridge, Avon and Edwards, Colorado. For years, clients shopping these unique mountain boutiques have urged for a Front Range location and now those wishes have been granted.

The rapid and dramatic transformation of this beautiful new space was nothing short of miraculous. Square Root, Inc., a local construction company which works magic in both commercial and residential projects, was able to guide the way through permitting, demo, build-out and inspections to a grand opening in just 5 weeks! Opening the weekend after Thanksgiving, Ruby Jane has experienced the warmest of welcomes from loads of happy and satisfied new clients.

The buzz is contagious, come visit Ruby Jane and see what the hype is all about. Featuring fun affordable fashion, home decor and unique gifts, Ruby Jane is a super compliment to the likes of The Perfect Petal, Vert Beauty, Novo Coffee and Prost, making Highlands Square the place to shop, not only in northwest Denver but the Front Range. New inventory arrives frequently so shop often!.

Ruby Jane Build DD 001 Ruby Jane Build DD 003 Ruby Jane Build DD 005 Ruby Jane Build DD 006 Ruby Jane Build DD 008 Ruby Jane Build DD 009 Ruby Jane Build DD 011 Ruby Jane Build DD 012 Ruby Jane Build DD 013 Ruby Jane Build DD 014 Ruby Jane Build DD 015 Ruby Jane Build DD 016 Ruby Jane Build DD 017 Ruby Jane Build DD 018 Ruby Jane Build DD 019 Ruby Jane Build DD 020 Ruby Jane Build DD 021Ruby Jane Build DD 023

Ruby Jane Build DD 024 Ruby Jane Valentines

Operation Altitude hosts an amazing evening at The Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Operation Altitude is known for pushing the envelope, bringing together the best-of-the-best, creating the most memorable of events for their select clientele. A recent evening at The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver’s own “urban winery”, was no different. A private affair at an intimate locale, beautiful decor, delectable cuisine and a private lesson in what it takes to create unbelievable wines, made for one spectacular experience.

With the place to themselves, guests were treated to all the The Infinite Monkey Theorem had to offer. Cocktails were served in the thoughtfully appointed winery tap-room, highlighted by beautiful fall-themed centerpieces and decor from Plum Sage Flowers. An introduction from wine-maker and founder, Ben Parsons, related the rigors and successes this unique winery has experienced. Guests then were escorted to the winery where they could try their hand at creating their own blends.

The highlight of this amazing evening, however, had to be the fabulous wine-paired culinary adventure, created by the chefs of Red Maple Catering. Chef Jason and his professional and creative team kept the appreciate diners happy and anticipation was intense to see what magic each course would offer. It was a a memorable and intimate evening filled with new knowledge, experiences and fine food and drink.

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GenFit is a playground for all ages.

There are many ways to experience some serious family fun in Denver. Now, thanks to the creative minds, and bodies, of the crew at GenFit, parents have the opportunity to make getting fit a family affair. On a recent Saturday Instructors Wood and Breigh led a rowdy group of parents and their eager offspring in a fitness class that made training a lot less like work and a lot more like a rip-roaring good time.

Following a serious warm-up, the task of the day was a circus-like circuit routine. Featuring pull-ups, agilities, karate kicks, rope climbing and, of course, the giant-tire -roll, each muscle group was both addressed and attacked. The hour long class was like a fitness factory and participants moved from station to station like cogs in a well oiled, giggling machine. The culmination of the exhausting morning was a thorough stretch followed by lots of high-fives.

The GenFit Kids Workout was a huge success with both young and old begging for more!
GenFit Kids 001 GenFit Kids 002 GenFit Kids 003 GenFit Kids 004 GenFit Kids 005 GenFit Kids 006 GenFit Kids 007 GenFit Kids 008 GenFit Kids 009 GenFit Kids 010 GenFit Kids 011 GenFit Kids 012 GenFit Kids 013 GenFit Kids 014 GenFit Kids 015 GenFit Kids 016 GenFit Kids 017 GenFit Kids 018 GenFit Kids 019 GenFit Kids 020 GenFit Kids 021 GenFit Kids 022 GenFit Kids 023 GenFit Kids 024 GenFit Kids 025 GenFit Kids 026 GenFit Kids 027 GenFit Kids 028 GenFit Kids 029 GenFit Kids 030 GenFit Kids 031 GenFit Kids 032 GenFit Kids 033 GenFit Kids 034 GenFit Kids 035 GenFit Kids 036 GenFit Kids 037

Vintage Woods Beetle Kill shines in the Boulder foothills.

A picturesque neighborhood in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado has a new and stunning addition. This beautiful custom home features custom finished Beetle Kill siding created in Gypsum, Colorado by Vintage Woods. Complimented by stone and cedar, the beetle kill adds texture and character to an exquisite color palette and thoughtful design.

Vintage Woods creates a versatile and durable products in Beetle Kill, Cedar, both structural and decorative Douglas Fir and metal. All of the finishes are low VOC and each product is protected on all four sides with a UV protectant. Like all wood, these products will age over time, depending on exposure to the elements and sun. Vintage Woods offers a proprietary re-coat system that can restore the finishes and keep the home looking lovely.

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VW Mart DD 006

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VW Mart DD 009

VW Mart DD 010

VW Mart DD 011

VW Mart DD 012

VW Mart DD 013

VW Mart DD 014

VW Mart DD 015

GenFit & PawsCo workouts have gone to the dogs!

Some days it takes more than just a walk around the block, sniffing everything. Some days it is not enough to chase a ball. Some days you need someone to do more than just take you to the park. Some days you need to get your heart racing, muscles burning and and gasp for air with your best friend!

On a recent evening in Denver’s RINO District, a group of diehard fitness buffs and their four-legged friends joined up with the trainers from GenFit Gym to get their work-out on! Both human and canine participants pushed themselves to their limits to reach their fitness goals. As expected there were sprints, wall-sits, burpees, planks and the occasional nips and barks. In the end there were big smiles and a lot of panting. This workout had it all including an opportunity to meet some adoptable dogs from PawsCo.

A great opportunity to get out and play.

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Sixty Minute Men are going to “rock their socks” right out of Colorado.

Colorado seems to be a hotbed for the eclectic, creative and courageous. The music scene here is no different. With bands all the way back to Glenn Miller; to Big Head Todd & the Monsters, The Samples, Leftover Salmon, The Lumineers, The Fray, Zuba….the list is long. Next up is a five-piece group out of Boulder that is as exciting as they are skilled. Sixty Minute Men are a refreshing, rocking group of musicians that are poised to make the big time.

Recently playing at the annual Vine Street Pub’s Uptown Neighborhood Block Party, The Sixty Minute Men took the enormous crowd by storm and the reception was a collective “Wow!”. These guys bring a fresh and exhilarating sound to the stage that is complimented by an energy that is contagious. The sound they call “Original Soul” is a delicious mix of rock, funk, blues and, of course, soul and challenges each and every listener not to move.

Great things are in store for the Sixty Minute Men. The ingredients are all there for them to be the next big thing to come from the Colorado music scene. Go and check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Sixty Minute Men DD 001 Sixty Minute Men DD 002 Sixty Minute Men DD 003 Sixty Minute Men DD 004 Sixty Minute Men DD 005 Sixty Minute Men DD 006 Sixty Minute Men DD 007 Sixty Minute Men DD 009 Sixty Minute Men DD 010 Sixty Minute Men DD 011 Sixty Minute Men DD 012 Sixty Minute Men DD 013 Sixty Minute Men DD 014 Sixty Minute Men DD 015 Sixty Minute Men DD 016 Sixty Minute Men DD 017Vine Street Block Party 2015 WEB-522

Sixty Minute Men DD 018 Sixty Minute Men DD 019 Sixty Minute Men DD 020 Sixty Minute Men DD 022 Sixty Minute Men DD 024 Sixty Minute Men DD 026 Sixty Minute Men DD 027

Brewer’s Olympics & great music…Vine Street Block Party has it all!

Mid-September is a fantastic time to be in Denver, Colorado. Beautiful days, blue sky and loads of festivals all mark this remarkable change of seasons. One annual event that combines all that is great in Denver is the Uptown Neighborhood Block Party at Vine Street Pub. This Denver location of Boulder’s Mountain Sun empire brings together some of the best craft-beer makers and musicians to create an entire day of mayhem and music that is hard to beat.

The 2015 edition of festivities began with the “Brewer’s Olympics”, a multi-event challenge for teams of two from well-known local breweries. There were, of course, the die-hard regulars, returning champions and eager rookies all prepared to do battle for the coveted bragging rights that go to the victors. Just beneath the thinly veiled guise of silly costumes and sillier behaviors laid an aura of dogged competition that hung in the fresh air like a ominous fog. Each team had a plan. So were successful, some not so much. In the end it was the rookie team from Ratio Beerworks that won gold and bragging rights until the fall of 2016.

Once the street was cleared and congratulations were given, the record-breaking crowd was treated to music so good, it defined awesome. The Sixty Minute Men of Boulder opened and wowed with their unique and funky sounds of “original soul”. Their music was electric and energy amazing. The “Men” were followed by a closing act that rivaled any the Mountain Sun crew has been able to put together. Anchored by The Drunken Hearts, the ensemble welcomed Dave Johnston from Yonder Mountain String Band and Rob Eaton from Dark Star Orchestra. The results were amazing and the streets were shaking.

Once  again, The Neighborhood Block Party was a monumental success and reminds us that things are good in Denver. Sponsors USBank, Westword deserve a big hand for their support, as well as the volunteers and all of the participating breweries that donated their fine craft. All proceeds from the event benefitted New Era Colorado who remind us not only to register to vote but to get out and do it!

Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 001 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 002 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 003 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 004 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 005 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 006 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 007 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 008 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 009 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 010 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 011 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 012 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 013 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 014 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 015 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 016 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 017 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 018 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 019 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 020 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 021 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 022 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 023 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 024 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 025 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 026 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 027 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 028 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 029 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 030 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 031 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 032 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 033 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 034 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 035 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 036 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 037 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 038 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 039 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 040 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 041 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 042 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 043 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 044 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 045 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 046 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 047 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 048 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 049 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 050 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 051 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 052 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 053 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 054 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 055 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 056 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 057 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 058 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 059 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 060 Vine Street Block Party 2015 DD 061